About PACCAR Financial

With over 40 years experience in the transport industry, PACCAR Financial, as part of PACCAR Inc., is the main equipment financing source for all PACCAR customers.

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PACCAR Financial PLC is the principal financier of DAF Trucks in the UK, new and used. Based on knowledge and experience of the transport industry, PACCAR Financial are able to offer you professionally structured solutions and an extensive range of competitive finance and leasing options. That’s why PACCAR Financial finance more DAF trucks than anyone else.

Because PACCAR Financial is exclusively committed to the transport industry, its aim is to understand the needs of your business and provide flexible solutions.

As members of the Finance and Leasing Association you can be assured of the highest professional standards and complete integrity in all dealings with you.

PACCAR Financial market its financial products and services from headquarters located centrally in the UK, at premises shared with DAF Trucks Limited.

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For PACCAR Financial and Channel Commercials PLC Sevenoaks, the customer is always our number 1 priority

We are committed to working with our customers to provide you with the right finance or leasing solution which suits your business best. To help keep your business moving forward, PACCAR Financial provides you with these extensive benefits.

  • A comprehensive and competitive product range for you to choose from, for new and used trucks, trailers and other transport equipment.
  • Structured payment profiling enabling you to optimise your cash flow and costs.
  • Monthly payments, deposits and contract lengths to suit your budget.
  • An incremental credit facility releasing other facilities for you to use.
  • A separate credit line not influenced by your bank.
  • As DAF’s financial services provider we give you the same commitment to quality and service that you would expect from any DAF product.
  • We can provide additional services such as DAF Repair & Maintenance
  • We have dedicated financial sales professionals ready to provide you with a personalised, focused and tailored service.
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Paccar Financial PLC is a member of the Finance and Leasing Association assuring its customers of the highest professional standards in all dealings

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Dedicated to transport

PACCAR Financial is exclusively committed to the transport industry and to contributing to the success of those customers who have chosen to acquire a DAF truck, whether new or used. We can give you the support and confidence to keep your business moving forward with us, based on our substantial credentials.

  • In-house finance company of DAF Trucks: giving you the same commitment to quality and service that you would expect from any DAF product.
  • Over 40 years of experience and dedicated to the transport industry: we know the transport business and we know the truck business.
  • Easy and simple: we can ease your administrative burden by being your single source for vehicle finance, R&M and other related services.
  • Professional organisation: we can give you prompt feedback on your credit status and provide you with professionally tailored finance and lease solutions.
  • Expertise of the trucking industry: PACCAR Financial has a portfolio of 167,000 trucks and trailers globally giving us a comprehensive understanding of both the assets that we are funding and the transportation sector in general.
  • Flexible solutions: We seek to know what is driving your business and can offer you a wide range of flexible finance and leasing solutions, not only for your new DAF trucks but for trailers, DAF used trucks and other transport equipment.
  • Pan-European organisation: because we are present in many European countries, we are there where you need us, with local knowledge.
  • Financial Strength: PACCAR’s AA- credit rating means we can offer you competitive retail financing and leasing for your trucks, trailers and other transport equipment.

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