Optional Additional Modules

DAF Telematics is the ideal platform for range of additional services available from Microlise. These include advanced driver communication and logistics planning tools to enable improved transport efficiency. It is also possible to equip existing vehicles of all types to ensure comprehensive fleet wide coverage.

For more information contact Microlise: dafsales@microlise.com

Communicate live with drivers

The DriveTab facilitates voice calls and messaging and auto-matically locks when the vehicle is in motion enabling safer communications and because your tariffs are uniform, com-munication costs are reduced. DriveTab also offers live driver feedback on driving style, task workflows and integrated satna which helps drivers with route optimisation.

  • Promotes safe and cost effective communication  
  • Integrated satnav helps drivers with route optimisation to reduce mileage
  • Helps with health and safety through task  workflows such as vehicle check  
  • Helps save fuel by informing the driver of  potential infringements in real-time

Analyse plan vs actual and improve customer service

Journey Management offers real-time and historical intelligence around schedule adherence, plan vs. actual and trip status providing your operation with greater flexibility an responsiveness.

  • Analyse plan versus actual  
  • Improve planning  
  • Improve driver productivity
  • Cut mileage and driver hours variance  
  • Enhance service levels and increase operational flexibilit  
  • Reduce management administration 

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