DAF front view camera

What remains hidden from the mirror is shown by the camera

The DAF front view camera system helps a great deal to make truck driving easier and safer. In one single glance, the driver can oversee a much larger area than legally required, which substantially reduces the chance that more vulnerable traffic participants get overlooked.

The front view camera system consists of a camera on the external sun visor and a double DIN video monitor in the dashboard wing. Mounted high on the cab, the front view camera offers a perfect view of the area immediately before and beside the cab. The front view camera can be chosen as an alternative to the front view mirror.

The front view camera covers a much larger area than defined in the legally required frontal field of view. The front view camera offers a perfect view of the area that is hidden from direct view through the windows.

A front view camera enhances the vehicle safety and reduces strain on the driver.

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