Truck Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

Keeps you on the road

VSC is an electronic active safety system that helps the driver to stay in control of his vehicle in critical driving situations.

VSC significantly reduces the risk of understeer, oversteer with jack-knifing, or roll-over of the vehicle combination.

VSC uses various sensors to continuously compare the driver's steering input (steering wheel angle) with the motion of the vehicle (wheel speed, yaw rate, lateral acceleration).  As soon as a potential loss of control is detected, VSC cuts the engine throttle and brakes individual wheels to stabilise the driving conditions within the physical limits of the vehicle combination.

A driver losing control of his vehicle may easily become involved in a serious accident. Injuries, media exposure, damage to vehicle and goods: the outcome for the transporter will only be negative. VSC is an effective instrument to lower the risk of such an accident.


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