The New CF & XF

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Pure Excellence

Driven by our DAF Transport Efficiency philosophy, we’ve reinvented the DAF CF and XF to establish new levels of excellence. The New DAF models build on the superb reputation of our Euro 6 trucks. They have all the benefits you’re used to, like the class-leading reliability, durability and efficiency and unmatched driver comfort; now we’ve taken these a major step further.

International Truck of the Year

DAF’s New CF and XF have been voted ‘International Truck of the Year 2018’. The jury commented that the trucks are leading the way in transport efficiency. What more can we say? 

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Industry-leading fuel economy

  • PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engine innovations
  • New efficient TraXon automated gearbox
  • New high efficiency rear axles with faster ratios
  • Aerodynamic optimizations
  • Advanced powertrain software features

Higher torque at lower revs in combination with optimised drivelines, new high-efficiency rear axles, enhanced electronics performance and aerodynamic improvements result in increased fuel efficiency of up to 7% for long-haul journeys. This could save you thousands of euros a year!

Higher payloads

  • A new, highly efficient yet ultra-compact Emission Aftertreatment System (EAS) saves 50 kg in weight
  • Redesigned engines and chassis optimizations also contribute to further weight savings. 

Depending on axle configuration, these features lower vehicle weight by up to 100 kg. This allows higher payloads, which are especially important in applications where every kilogram counts.

Maximum uptime

Service intervals up to 200,000 km
First class body builder-friendliness
The CF and XF are already famous for their high reliability. The new electric and electronic architecture improve this performance even further. Wiring and connections have all been reduced and simplified for highest reliability and excellent flexibility when it comes to adding auxiliaries. The result is maximum vehicle availability and lowest operating cost. 

Market-leading fleet management

Our new DAF Connect fleet management system gives you real-time insight into driver and vehicle efficiency. The system provides clear information on vehicle location, fuel consumption, mileage, fleet utilisation and idle time. By optimising vehicle availability, reducing operational cost and enhancing logistical efficiency, DAF Connect maximises your profitability per kilometre.

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