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Pure excellence is carried through in the new well thought out chassis. Manufactured from high-quality steel, it is strong, stable and light. What’s more, it has space-saving features that will delight bodybuilders.

Strong, light and superb handling
Pure excellence is also carried through in the new well thought out chassis. Manufactured from high-quality steel, it is strong, stable and light. In tractor units and some rigids, the robust, lightweight rear axle is mounted with a Stabilink construction.

  • Light weight increases fuel savings and payload, for greater transport efficiency.
  • The Stabilink rear axle suspension ensures optimum roll stability, higher payloads and superb handling.

The new CF and XF offer an extensive Body Attachment Module (BAM) programme that offers excellent bodybuilder friendliness. Specific modules are available for boxed bodies and the installation of cranes. Rigids have a standard hole pattern at rear for easy fitment of cross members and tail lifts.

  • Extended Body Attachment Program shortens build-up time.
  • A completely flat chassis and components installed on the inside add to great bodybuilder friendliness.

ECAS air suspension
For excellent reliability, durability and functionality, the electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) has been completely renewed. New functions include pressure ratio control, lift axle 2 control and pressure control of lift bellows. It also offers ECAS freeze and ECAS bump and freeze to stabilise the axle when operating auxiliaries like cranes and hook lifts. An innovative, easy-to-use remote control with illuminated buttons is connected to the seat.

  • New ECAS options ensure safer working during loading and unloading
  • Drivers enjoy precise control under all conditions using handy remote

Maximum flexibility
The New CF and XF offer unmatched efficiency when it comes to chassis configurations. Components can be positioned to optimally meet your specific requirements for highest efficiency. In addition, there is ample of space for mounting pump systems, crane leg supports or large fuel tanks.

  • The smart chassis lay-out allows fuel tank volumes of up to no less than 1,500 liters on tractors.
  • Variation in chassis component positioning is almost endless for industry-leading flexibility.

Ultra-compact EAS unit
For the New CF and XF we developed a completely new and ultra-compact Emissions After-treatment System. It results in more free space at the chassis. For special applications DeNOx installation and Diesel Particulate Filter don’t need to be split anymore. That also contributes to highest efficiency.

  • Ultra-compact EAS unit means more free chassis space.
  • It’s 50 kilogram lower weight directly translates into additional payload.

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