The chassis of the Euro 6 LF has been fully redesigned for maximum stiffness and excellent driving characteristics, a low kerb weight and ample room for positioning components. The chassis is completely flat and the completely new electrical installation ensures maximum bodybuilder friendliness. In order to provide vehicles tailored to every application, the new LF Series features a large number of variants in terms of payload and wheelbase.

  Light and strong

Chassis imageThe most significant innovation is that the chassis is a single-wall construction, which keeps kerb weight as low as possible — high-quality steel is used for maximum strength.

For extra load capability, the 18 and 19-tonne models can be fitted with a new 13-tonne rear axle, which is important in countries where loads exceeding 11.5 tonnes are permitted on the driven axle.

 Practically positioned components

Practically positioned componentsComponents such as air tanks and the electronic brake control are practically positioned on the inside of the chassis, creating a lot of free space to mount toolboxes, support legs and spare wheel.

Compact designed EAS-installation (Engine After Treatment System) with integrated SCR-unit and soot filter.

 Easy to build on

DAF LF E6Important for a truck in the segment of the DAF LF is the bodybuilder friendliness. The chassis of the LF is for that reasoncompletely flat. Practical mounting brackets are available as an option.

The perfect base for any superstructure

Wide variety of chassis configurations

Wide variety of chassis configurationsDAF offers the new LF Euro 6 in various weight classes. The rigids with 17.5 inch wheels offer GVWs of 7.5 to 12 tonnes with net load capacities ranging from 4,180 to 8,300 kilograms.

When equipped with 19.5 inch wheels, the 14 and 16-tonne rigids offer net payloads from 9.570 to 11.570 kilograms. In addition, DAF also offers 14 and 16-ton tractors of the new LF with 19.5 inch wheels for maximum gross combination weights of 24 to 28 ton.

At the top of the LF program are the 18 and 19-ton rigid models with 22.5 inch wheels and a gross combination weight of 26 to 32 ton.


In order to provide a DAF LF tailored to any application, you can choose from a wide range of wheelbases. The versions with GVWs between 7.5 and 12 tonnes are available with eight wheelbases ranging from 3.00 to 5.40 meters. For the class of 14 to 16 tonnes nine wheelbase variants are available, ranging from 3.25 to 6.30 meters. For the 18 and 19 ton models, eight different wheelbases between 3.45 and 6.25 meters can be chosen. The tractor version of heaviest LF has a wheelbase of 3.13 meters or 3.50 meters.

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